Upcycled bottle lamps, candles & glasses!

Fancy something different and unique?

 We upcycle all types of alcohol bottles to create cool, modern bottle lamps, candles and drinks glasses. 

From Grey Goose to Captain Morgan and everything in between, with prices starting from only £4.99!
 All items are handmade and handled with care.
Why not have something different in your home and be the envy of your friends! 


Ever had your favourite drink and thought how cool the bottle was? Or thought they would make good drinks glasses?

Here at Pop It Like Its Art we bring you those exact products, something a little different and quirky. 

All Lamps are battery powered so there is no restriction of a plug, so they can be placed wherever you desire.




 All drinks glasses are sanded and smoothed off round the edges to the standard you would expect for a drinks glass so no chance of cutting yourself.

We offer a good range of candles, however if there is any you cannot see, please get in touch and we will try to accommodate.

All parcels are sent via Royal Mail. International buyers please email before purchase for shipping costs.